TKO – Episode 5 – Post Traumatic Growth and Brain Aneurism Surgery

Karen discussed her brain surgery and how she feels like she has gotten a bonus round in life. She is now very active in the Aneurism Society in Cincinnati and is bringing awareness to others about this powerful life experience.

Karen has taken her experience and has used this negative as a very positive motivator for her life, her business, and her positive outlook.

Her first indication of a problem was a headache. A very hard headache, which at first she ignored. Then it happened again, and it was far worse. She went to the emergency room as she could not get in to see her family doctor, and was never sent home. Not only did they find one aneurism, during the day of her operation they found a bigger one behind the one that was found on the CT scan. Luckily for all of us Karen chose to have her head opened up so the surgeons had access to her brain which did save her life.

Please listen to her experience and you will be very moved about how Karen went into this with a positive attitude into a situation where she did not know what the outcome of the surgery could be. She learned the power of positive energy, thinking, and attitude and uses this in her personal coaching business today.

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