Top 5 Most Common Lead-Generating Mistakes Of 2011

From poor calls-to-action to message blunders, we take a look how business owners failed to generate leads in 2011 and how you can learn from their costly mistakes.

Mistake Trend #1: Poor (or nonexistent) call-to-action

With so many options to “change the channel,” today’s online visitor is bombarded with various messages that deplete their attention span. How many times have you visited a website, on the hunt for a specific piece of information, only to find yourself reading, watching or searching for something else entirely?

It’s those calls-to-action that drive us to actually do something.
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One of the biggest mistakes we saw last year was a lack of any compelling reason to take that next step. Why should anyone give you attention if you don’t offer a benefit in return?Cincinnati small business

But if your call to action is confusing, nonexistent or doesn’t take your visitor to the right place, then there’s no perceived value.

The call-to-action is one of the single most important elements of any lead campaign.

Kick-start 2012 by promising yourself: calls-to-action everywhere (think: on your blog, website, newsletter, email campaign, e-book, office space, pick-up truck, letterhead)

Mistake Trend #2: Heavy emphasis on social media numbers

As the social media outreach continues to expand in 2012, so does the need for nurtured personal relationships. What most business owners failed to realize is that their spread in social media didn’t guarantee them the “golden road” to increased sales.

The number of Likes, Tweets or Shares adds no value to the bottom line.

Your social media is meant to complement your lead and sales strategy, not replace it. If those comments on Facebook or updates on LinkedIn aren’t cradled, furthered and responded to, then your hard-earned money is wasted.

The result? A dead-end lead and you’re back at square one.

Mistake Trend #3: Company message stresses the oh-so-obvious.

The most overused words found in any marketing campaign for the last year, whether online or in print screams “professionalism, quality and customer service.”

Today’s consumer expects that your business will be professional, deliver quality and provide customer service. Otherwise, they shouldn’t even consider contacting you, much less reading anything advertised or written about your business. So, how exactly, do these features translate into benefits for your customer?

Begin rethinking your message and how it directly affects your customer.

“We offer blah, blah, blah” VS. “You’ll benefit from this because you’ll save time, money, energy, etc”

Cincinnati small business consultingMistake Trend # 4: Sales pitch is delivered too early.

Whether you operate out of your garage or from the four corners of your executive office, understanding your sales funnel is crucial to the timely delivery of your sales pitch.

If a customer is still in the discovery stage (ie. “no thanks, I’m just browsing), then asking for their information to SIGN UP or CALL NOW is just the push they need to “change the channel.”

How many times have you clicked the “back” button because you’ve become frustrated with a site’s pop-up ad or flashy banner?

Understanding when and where to deliver your pitch is crucial to landing a relationship with that lead. Different processes exist for different types of businesses, but having that timing is crucial to nourishment and lead generation.

Mistake Trend #5: Cart 1st, Horse 2nd

After every conversation or meeting, you should walk away knowing more about your potential customer than they know about you.

It may seem obvious, but unfortunately, we business owners get so excited over talking about ourselves that we forget to “tune-in” to our customers needs. Often, just listening to their story will pinpoint how your product or service can solve their problems.

Before a meeting or phone call, try to discover as much as you can about that person or company. As you listen, pay attention to key factors that contribute to their overall problem. For example,

• Lack of time
• Lack of money
• Lack of resources
• Lack of education or guidance

Strive to understand the specifics and you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of how your product or service can deliver the benefits, NOT just the features.

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