Turning Your Web Site Into Money

TurnMarketingintoMONEYA very common topic that I discuss with my ASBC business owners is the need for a web site.  Whereas web sites come in all sorts of flavors, colors, abilities, and usefulness the bottom line is that if your website is not making you money then it is not working for you.

Just because you have graced this internet thingy with your online presence does not mean you will get business, notice, nor clients.  The only people I know who want to believe SEO is dead are those who are also dead to the reality of web sites needing to be professional, current, and reflective of the latest mastication Google is putting all of us through.  And, once your site is up, if you are not checking for malware and other internet diseases your site can be singularly responsible for wiping out someone’s computer.

There are many places that advertise that you can build your own site and that a professional is not needed.  That is fine if you are building a family photo album or personal blogging site.  Otherwise, you are risking you business and your livelihood on a lie. 

Got your attention yet?  Good.  How do you go about finding someone who will really build you a working business web presence that will work for you and generate you income?  Ask these simple test questions:

  1. Look at sites previously built by the developer.
  2. Call the businesses that these sites represent and ask if the site has made a difference in their business.  In other words are people calling to place orders or get information because they found the business on the web?
  3. When are the sites the developer creates updated?
  4. Does the developer offer any type of analytics setup for the sites they build?
  5. Is there a monthly maintenance fee for working with this developer?  If so, what does that cover?  If not, why not?
  6. What are the keywords the developer recommends to be included in the first 200 words on your home page, or on any page for that matter?
  7. Does the developer feel the content of the site is more or less important than keywords?
  8. Cost.  Be careful of low budget websites. These usually give low budget results.

You can expect to spend between $2000 to $5000 for your web site; more if you are also doing any type of e-commerce.  Be cautious of using an online shopping site or community that you do not control.  They can drop you at any time for any reason and you have no recourse.  If you have a recurring product that you are selling then include the e-commerce functionality in your website.  This does cost money but you also maintain full control and ownership of the site content and it’s visibility.

If you know you need a website or even a website refresh, but it seems like a daunting task, you have two options:
1) Call ASBC and schedule a free consultation with an advisor to get your questions answered, some peace of mind, and a point in the right direction.
2) Enroll in our first ASBC University class: How to Turn Your Website Into Money on July 28, 2015.

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