The Magic of Marrying Video and Marketing

I am working with Stacey Sparks-Huff to market her new online wedding gown business, Belle Curvy Couture.  She specializes in plus size gowns, and has designed her own line of gowns that she is offering exclusively through her store and online company.

One of the smart things we did was to hire digital marketing specialist, David Perleberg of Rep Empire, Inc.  He suggested we do a video of Stacey which would introduce her to the prospective brides who would like to buy her gowns.  Now this is way out of Stacey’s comfort zone, and she was very trepid about making some type of video.

I suggested three things to her that helped tip the scale in favor of the video.

  1. Pretend you are talking directly to one of your brides and just tell her how you want to do business with her by answering her questions, guiding her through the selection process, and making sure the fit of her gown is perfect.
  2. Use your cell phone and go somewhere by yourself.  No distractions, no interference, and no one telling you what or how to make the video.
  3. Be yourself. 

We also discussed some ideas for her words, and some ideas of how she can do this.  Then I left, as I know it is very important for my clients to make any suggestion I make their own, in their own words, and in their own time.  I learned early on that independent business owners need to figure out their own actions, and then they will accomplish more than they ever thought they could.

Stacey felt the time was right when she was driving to work, so she parked her car and did the video.  Check it out for yourself.


She posted this on April 6, 2017 at noon.  24 hours later she now has 6,100 views and it is still climbing.  She came across as caring, sincere, and personal.  And it works.

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