Web Site Vs. Web Presence

I was recently talking with a new client who told me he was going to do his own web site; now that was not the business he was starting nor did he have some level of expertise with web site development. I was – to say the least – unimpressed with his ego and skills.

Here’s the deal. If you are going to be in a serious business then you need a serious web site. Period. There are a lot of do it yourself templates out there which look sort of good to the eye but are all but invisible to search engines. A very intelligent web site developer tells me repeatedly “if you ignore Google, Google will ignore you.”

Do you need to spend a small fortune on your web site? Depends on your business, your goals, and your competition. Notice I did not say it depends on your budget, because it doesn’t. The first question I usually hear from a new business owner is “how much does it cost?” Wrong direction. Wrong mindset. And wrong way to build a successful business. Your first question should be “what do I need to be competitive, found by my target market, and noticed by the search engines?”

These questions will get you thinking about what SEO (search engine optimization) work you need to do in order for your business to get noticed. There is no substitute for good solid organic content on your page which is not what these bargain basement web building programs either provide or encourage.

That is the difference between having a place on the web that qualifies as a presence and having a web site that actually draws people to you and works for you instead of against you. It is your business and your decision. Make it based on need and not fear of spending more than you have to for a real SEO powered web site.

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