What would I do over again?

problemsopportunitiesI am often asked with my years in business what, if anything, I would do different again if I was starting out in business.  The factual answer to that is probably nothing since I have taken all of my experience, both good and not so good, and have turned it into life’s lessons and business truths that I now use with all of my clients.

However, when asked what I would do over, that is very easy.  All of these experiences have to do with how I do the business advising, counseling, and mentoring now.  So here is a list of memories I have that sustain me in my quest and mission in life to build businesses and business owners:

  1. Step up – many times I have heard a situation where a budding business owner doubts herself and her abilities to build or own her own business.  My normal question is “why not”?  We all have past demons that stop us from doing something or believing in ourselves.  You as an individual cannot, and I strongly repeat, cannot fight these demons alone.  They are in your soul for a reason and have been resident within your mind for a long time.  I have stepped up so many times and taken on these demons so many times I have lost count.  And I usually say “You can do this” several times a week.  If more people would step up and support new business owners we would have a nation of doers and not doubters.
  2. Be there – again, as a business owner, who do you turn to for counsel and advice?  ASBC is a safe haven for all things business and some things not business.  My business owners do not try and tackle new problems on their own anymore, they call me.  It is handled together, handled by a professional, or met head on by me.  There is always a lesson to be learned and a way to make every experience in your business into a growth experience.  Problems are opportunities to excel and learn.
  3. Tell the truth – the one thing I have had driven home to me is that I have to be truthful with all of my clients no matter the cost.  This has sometimes led me to have to tell prospective clients that I cannot help them either because of the situation they are in or because of the type of business they are trying to establish.  And more than once I have advised business owners to stop or drop a certain line of thinking, take their losses, and move on.  There is no winning if you are constantly reinventing the foundation of your business and not laying a firm foundation with each business decision or activity.  This is not to say that you cannot or should not expand your offerings and capabilities.  It is imperative that you have a firmly established foundation for you business, yourself, and your future before you contemplate expanding your basic business structure.

Step up, be there, and tell the truth. And always remember that there is away, there is a solution, and you can do this.

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